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" Just wanted to say thanks to the developers of OpenAudit, it is pretty much doing exactly what we wanted from it out of the box."

Bloater, Forum User


" I have just downloaded latest version of Open-AudIT, I had previously been using WINventory. Big thanks to everyone involved."

MonkeyX, Forum User

Introducing Open-AudIT

Open-AudIT is an application to tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. Open-AudIT will run on Windows and Linux systems. Essentially, Open-AudIT is a database of information, that can be queried via a web interface. Data about the network is inserted via a Bash Script (Linux) or VBScript (Windows). The entire application is written in php, bash and vbscript. These are all 'scripting' languages - no compiling and human readable source code. Making changes and customisations is both quick and easy.

Windows PCs can be queried for hardware, software, operating system settings, security settings, IIS settings, services, users & groups and much more. Linux systems can be queried for a similar amount of information. Network devices (printers, switches, routers, etc) can have data recorded such as IP-Address, MAC Address, open ports, serial number, etc, etc. Output is available in PDF, CSV and webpages. There are export options for Dia and Inkscape.

Open-AudIT can be configured to scan your network and devices automatically. A daily scan is recommended for systems, with network scans every couple of hours. That way, you can be assured of being notified if something changes (day to day) on a PC, or even sooner, if something "new" appears on your network.

Can you really afford not to know what's on your network ?

An    Open Source project.

Open-AudIT v1.3.2 for Linux released

Both RedHat based and Debian based distributions are working now. New features include ESXi SNMP Discovery (including guests), a Support page, Remote Access Controller discovery and more. Check out the release notes for more information. Install and upgrade documentation is available as always, on the wiki page.

Open-AudIT v1.3.1 released

Another release! The release and upgrade notes are available (as usual) on the wiki page, along with documentation on "How To's", technical information, configuring, etc. We hope you find Open-AudIT as useful as we do.

Open-AudIT v1.0.3 released

New Version! Release notes available here. Upgrade notes (from v1.0.2) available here. Initial support for Linux auditing is now included in the download. Make sure you checkout the other documentation also available. Open-AudIT Enterprise also available upon request. Please contact Opmantek to arrange a trial license. Grab v1.0.3 from the downloads page.

Open-AudIT v1.0.2 released

v1.0.2 patches an unfortunate bug. All users of v1 and v1.0.1 are advised to upgrade or patch their installs. The patch is a simple single file replace. The bug is creating duplicate items without generating alerts for all device sub tables (except system). Apologies for any inconvienence.

Open-AudIT v1.0 released

We made it - Open-AudIT is now general release (v1.0). Enterprise grade and loving it.

PLEASE BUY A SUPPORT AGREEMENT IF YOU CAN - Open-AudIT must remain free and high quality - support agreements underpin that.

Also please let us know if you are interested in new modules - e.g. Software Asset Management, Dashboards, Compliance Auditing, etc or customisations/training as we are developing some of these.

Open-AudIT v1.0 is not only a more stable and robust product, but also contains some new features and continued usability enhancements.

We are recommending all Open-AudIT users upgrade to this v1.0 release.

The focus of this release has been to continue with the stabilisation from the previous Open-AudIT releases and this goal has been achieved with the funding from Opmantek, hard work from the Opmantek Development team and with the help of community input. I would like to especially call out a special community member for his specific contributions with Open-AudIT from code to testing (nothing escapes John-Paul). Thanks JPA for your help. Without your valuable input, Open-AudIT would not be of the quality it is today.

We have done our best to review, consume and address all the feedback from supported users and community, and the feedback which hasn’t been addressed in this release will be considered in the Open-AudIT roadmap which I am working on.

For Opmantek customers with commercial support I’ll be responding personally to any questions and assisting with anything you need, please use your assigned support email address.

To access a fully functional virtual machine containing not only Open-AudIT but NMIS and all it's commercial modules, download from https://opmantek.com/. The virtual machine is completely free of cost and is based on CentOS 6. All working and good to go out of the box.

Of course the XAMPP and source downloads will also be available at http://www.open-audit.org/downloads.php.

Why upgrade to v1.0?

We have spent a considerable amount of time improving Open-AudIT. Open-AudIT is now easier to use than ever. Many items that previously required a script to collect data can now be configured directly from the web interface. Many types of devices are now supported with many more to come. Open-AudIT can track more than just networked items! As long as you have a serial number, Open-AudIT can keep detailed records on the device.

We have many more improvements to make. If you would like to keep up to date on the future direction of Open-AudIT we now have a Jira instance set up for features, improvements, bug tracking, etc. Simply create an account at https://support.opmantek.com and the page https://support.opmantek.com/browse/OA will be available for you 24x7. It's an easy way to see what we're working on and when it will arrive.

Documentation has improved as well. The Confluence pages available at https://community.opmantek.com/display/OA/Home are open for everyone to view. No registration required. We already have items that details how to: install or upgrade Open-AudIT on Windows and Linux, Audit a PC, Audit a Domain, How Users and Groups work, Importing Devices using a spreadsheet and more.

Some of the new features for v1.0 are:

NMap subnet discovery from the web interface.

Finding out what is on your network is now as easy as telling Open-AudIT which subnet to scan using the web interface. Done. Any items that have an ip address will be discovered and SNMP audited. You can provide additional details like SNMP community string on a per device basis.

Active Directory computer importing from the web interface.

Importing all your computers from Active Directory is now as easy as telling Open-AudIT your Active Directory Domain Controller details in the web interface and it's done. No mess, no fuss.

SNMP device scanning from the web interface.

Device details from items such as switches, routers and printers can be queried directly by Open-AudIT using the web interface. no need to set up platform specific scripting.

NMIS device importing and exporting.

Open-AudIT and NMIS - a great match. Open-AudIT can extract your NMIS device listing along with credentials scan your devices and place them into the Open-AudIT database. Conversely Open-AudIT can discover a subnet and export the device details back into NMIS.

Auditing a Windows PC from the web interface.

Your users can go to the web interface of Open-AudIT and without needing to log in, click the "Audit My PC" button and have their PC silently audit and submit the details back to Open-AudIT.

View Open-AudIT log files from the web interface.

Open-AudIT uses a standard syslog formatted text file. You can now view this file from within the web interface to see exactly what Open-AudIT has been doing.

We hope you enjoy Open-AudIT v1.0 :)

Beta 8.5 released

Grab it from the Downloads page.

Opmantek acquires Open-AudIT

Big exiting news, Open-AudIT has been acquired by Opmantek!

I have seen what Opmantek did for NMIS (a leading open source network management system) and am excited to have them behind me and Open-AudIT. Over the next month this site will be given a makeover for the Opmantek brand and we will add lots of cool stuff using the tools Opmantek has. Here is a FAQ about the acquisition and incorporating some general information from Opmantek's FAQ.

Who is Opmantek?
Opmantek is an open source software company formed by the founders of NMIS. Opmantek have the resources and commitment to open-source to give Open-AudIT a great boost. Under the agreement, they will keep Open-AudIT free and invest heavily in it's growth.

Why does Open-AudIT need Opmantek?
1. Some organizations require commercial support for Open-AudIT;

2. Open-AudIT with passionate, full time, paid developers working on it (including me) will progress much faster and do all the things you wanted and loads of things you never thought of.

3. Opmantek has thousands of users and deep experience in servicing business grade open source software and ensuring quality, free products for the entire community (just look at their history).

Does this mean Open-AudIT will no longer be free?
In Opmantek's words:
No. No . NO!

Open-AudIT will always be free. We developed it that way and it will stay that way.

Take a look at what Opmantek did with NMIS v8 as an example: a lot of work went into it and it has cost Opmantek USmillion’s of of dollars on top of the 12 years of effort that had already gone into NMIS before they acquire it and yet it’s still released as free software.

Why would Opmantek spend money to develop software and then give it away?
Opmantek aims to make money through customization and support services and has an existing suite of complimentary products (both free and commercial). In other words by supplying things many of the community have been asking for. Opmantek is committed to the open source movement and business grade, feature rich, free software.

What about onsite services?
Opmantek realizes there are Open-AudIT consultants all around the world making money by installing it. Opmantek want's them to be able to freely access the software and make money implementing it. More than that, Opmantek wants to be able to point users to local experts so please let us know if you are a local expert selling Open-AudIT services and which geography you are in – we are building the list right now.

How is Opmantek funded?
Opmantek has been given generous government assistance in Australia and has had 3 years of time and funds put in by founders. Hopefully many of you will purchase support services which will help further Open-AudIT and not leave it all to the founders. The ultimate goal is that Open-AudIT remains free, is rapidly enhanced by Opmantek, with Opmantek supplying the things the community has been seeking and asking to pay for – commercial support and customization in particular.

This is a great event in the history of Open-AudIT. I really want to thank Opmantek for getting behind Open-AudIT for the good of the entire community. Onward and upward at full pace from here.